Tidemark Art Gallery

The Tidemark Art Gallery is a non-juried, community art space presented by the Tidemark Theatre Society. 

We are always looking for new Tidemark Art Gallery artists and are open to proposals from all artistic mediums. If you would like to display your work in the gallery or want more TAG information, read on!

Application Process:

  • Potential exhibitors must submit an artist bio, a minimum of two jpeg files showcasing samples of proposed work for exhibition and/or a link to the artist’s website, as well as an artist statement to tag@tidemarktheatre.com.
  • Applications will be accepted for either individual or group shows.

Successful Applicants:

  • Successful applicants will be notified via email.
  • Exhibitors whose work has been accepted for exhibition must provide the following:
    • Artist Bio
    • Artist Statement
    • Two samples of the artwork (JPGs) for advertising and promotion purposes.
  • These materials must be submitted in electronic format to the Tidemark Theatre a minimum of 4 weeks prior to the exhibition date.
  • Exhibitors must be members of the Tidemark Theatre Society in good standing at the time of their exhibition.

Scheduling & Fees

  • All schedules are to be coordinated via the Programmer at the Tidemark Theatre Society.
  • All exhibitors are required to buy a $30 membership to the Tidemark Theatre Society prior to hanging their work.
  • All exhibitors are required to pay a $25 administration fee to the Tidemark Theatre Society prior to hanging their work.
  • The Tidemark Theatre Society reserves the right to deny requests for use of the space in order to accommodate special events, to ensure a high level of craftsmanship and quality, and to ensure that ethical, artistic and sales standards are consistently met.
  • All contracts are to be negotiated with the Tidemark Theatre Society Programmer.
  • One individual must assume legal responsibility for completing contracts for larger groups.


  • Exhibitors must sign and submit a contract provided by the Tidemark Theatre Society; a deposit is to accompany the signed copy of the contract.


  • Exhibitors are solely responsible for insuring their works. The Tidemark Theatre Society cannot assume responsibility for damaged or missing works.   Exhibitors requiring insurance must do so at their own expense.


  • The commission charged for all sales is a total of 30% of the selling price.
  • Exhibitors are asked to take this into consideration when setting prices of their work, as their will be no negotiation of this amount once a sale has been made.
  • All commissions support the operation of Tidemark Theatre Society, a local non-for-profit organization, that contributes culturally, economically and socially to our community.
  • Exhibitors will be paid by cheque within 60 days of the end of the exhibition for any sales.

Record Keeping:

  • All items on display and for sale must be listed on the form provided. Please include the following: artist's name, title, medium, size, price and a column in which sales are recorded.
  • A digital record of the final sales transactions will be provided to the exhibitor within 15 business days of the end of the show.


  • It is strongly recommended that Exhibitors organize a reception. Receptions raise the profile of the artist and encourage sales.
  • Exhibitors are responsible for the costs of the reception. For more information, please contact the Rentals Coordinator @ rentals@tidemarktheatre.com.


  • The Tidemark Theatre Society will provide installation instructions, but is not responsible for installation or take down of the show.


  • Exhibition length will be determined in coordination with the Programmer.
  • Tidemark Theatre Society reserves the right to amend the length of the exhibition time.


  • All Exhibitors must provide a media release to the Tidemark Theatre Society at least 15 days before the show dates.
  • All promotions must include the dates and times of the show.
  • The venue must be referred to as the Tidemark Theatre Art Gallery and refer to the address as 1220 Shoppers Row, BC, Campbell River.
  • All promotion is the responsibility of the Exhibitor. However, Tidemark Theatre Society reserves the right to approve all promotional materials.
  • The Tidemark theatre Society will assist the Exhibitor with promotions in the following manner:
    • Acknowledgement of the show on the Tidemark Theatre website
    • Advertising artist bio and sharing samples of the artist’s work on Facebook & Twitter
  • Any communications listing the Tidemark Theatre Society must be approved.


  • Exhibitors must provide an electronic cancellation notice to be submitted no less than 30 days in advance of the exhibition. Failure to do so will result in forfeiting the administrative fee.

Click here for a printable application form. Tidemark Art Gallery Application

Click here for a Lobby Map.

Click here for the Tidemark Art Gallery Hanging Guide.