Campbell River Family Services Youth Art Show Returns This Summer


“Creating art therapeutically is more about the process of play and exploration, than about a finished product, although the finished product is often quite profound. Several studies have shown the tremendous benefits that playful activity has for the human brain. Even animals play. Exploring with the art materials in a safe, nonjudgmental atmosphere allows children, youth and adults to engage in a process that is fun, improvisational and nourishing without the attachment to outcome or the worry to be ‘productive’ and ‘successful” – Marion Bryan, CRFSS Councilor 

The Campbell River Family Services Society art show, “Our Journey: Expressions Through Art” is an event that the artists, their families and CRFSS staff look forward to all year long. It is both a social and cultural event where children and youth have the opportunity to display their works of art publicly, socialise with the other artists and their families and immerse themselves in a celebratory atmosphere where food is served accompanied by live music.

The themes in the art are as diverse as the artists themselves; there are no rules. As a result some pieces can be reflections of trauma work while others may have more whimsical motifs. Mediums vary—acrylics or watercolor on canvas; clay or paper sculptures; poetry; masks, or other three-dimensional objects. Past shows have featured artists in age from three years to young adults.

Whatever the subject matter or medium, there is one recurring theme: an enthusiasm to creatively express an idea and share it with their world.

The Tidemark Art Gallery will exhibit Our Journey: Expressions Through Art from July 12 until the end of August at Tidemark Theatre. Gallery hours are from 12-4 pm on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.  Admission is free and all are welcome!