Darren Larose: Shapes, Forms – Flat


Artist Statement

I believe that art is a pursuit of the highest level. My paintings are purely a construct of my ideas and imagination. I typically do not have a preconceived idea of what the painting will look like, however I rely on my artistic understanding to achieve a desired aesthetic. My work usually has some form of perspective. I enjoy bold colours, linear elements and unusual shapes. I would, one day, like to have my work in the National Gallery.

Darren Larose has a diploma of visual arts from the Ottawa School of Art. As well, Darren has a fine arts degree in visual arts from the University of Victoria. Darren has been painting for over 14 years. He has painted in many studios throughout Canada and has shown his art in Ottawa, Montreal, Whistler, Victoria, and Campbell River. Darren was featured on CBC as a feature artist in 2016. Some of his influences are Fernand Léger, Picasso, Tom Thomson, but more recently Darren has been inspired by living artists such as Jonas Wood, Peter Doig and Andy Dixon, to name a few.

Darren’s work will be on display in the Tidemark Art Gallery, May 12th through June 30th. Admission to the gallery is free and his work can be viewed Tuesday-Friday from 12-4pm. For more information about Darren and his work: www.darrenlarose.ca