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Meraki Solstice Studio 2018

May 26, 2018 @ 2:00 pm


Tidemark Theatre
1220 Shoppers Row
Campbell River, BC V9W 2C8 Canada
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Solstice Studio proudly presents MERAKI, a production of Theater / Acrobatics/ Dance/ Singing original written play by The Solstice Studio of Performing Arts Company
This spectacular story is told through demonstrations of Acrobatics, Dance, Hoop Dance, Singing, Drama, Comedy and more! This is an all ages show filled with beautiful visuals of performers, costume design, set design, light and sound design and original script.

MERAKI is the story of three young students with three different stories to tell. All three are high school teens attending classes, socializing with friends, involved in weekly sports, and all are struggling inside with their own story.

Let’s start with student 1. She is challenged weekly with her academics. She studies and studies yet struggles to keep up with getting good grades with her homework. Her anxiety about her school work overtakes her daily – it’s swallowing her up. There isn’t enough time to get it all done! Why isn’t she smart like everyone else?

Student 2, is also a bright student, but the problem swallowing her up is her challenge to be accepted. To have friends. To find her ” Tribe” She looks at her self questioning if shes good enough, if maybe she should change to be liked.

Student 3. A lovely young girl who just wants to be a dancer, to be on stage and perform her heart out for everyone. She has had her dancer dreams shattered when told she doesn’t have a ” dancers body”, she should give up, she will never be the best. Being told this, she goes from wanting to be a performer to being too scared to even step on stage, and now, struggles with her own self image.

All three of these young students struggle with one common problem. FEAR. And fear himself enters the show, in three different forms, filling the students minds with self doubt, laughing at the power he holds within their minds.

But then, a Virtue Fairy approaches the three girls to send them on a quest. She tells them, ” On this quest you will meet three virtue fairies who will teach you the ways to self love, to honor your inner gifts and light, to respect your self, and to not only treat yourself well, but also to only accept the best treatment from others because YOU are WORTHY. But, The fairy warns the three students, ” if you do not listen and learn these lessons from all three fairies, you will have to live with FEAR FOREVER!” No one wants to live their entire lives with fear, do they?

The students are met by an array of characters along their journey to fairies, to humans, animals and to even seeing the actual thoughts of what is going on in their own minds. Will the three students finish their quest with the knowledge to overcome FEAR? Or will they be doomed to live with FEAR ruling their minds FOREVER?!

Join us as our characters learn the lessons of confidence and self love through the magic of Theater

POSTER ART by Sophie Ogg, local youth artist.

Tickets: $23 Adult, $20 Student/Senior (+applicable taxes & fees)

Babes in Arms: As per fire regulations, every body that goes into the auditorium must have a ticket, including infants.