Local artist says it with flowers at the Tidemark


Abstract and impressionist painter, Mary Patricia Deveau is showcasing a new series of work in the Tidemark gallery entitled, ‘Say It With Flowers’. This bright, joyful exhibit will be on display in the Tidemark gallery until the end of July.

Artist statement:

“Flowers are happy little pops of colour dancing around the garden.

I inherited a beautiful well establish and quite substantial flower garden when we bought our house in Comox a few years ago.  Now, especially in the springtime, every morning there are delightful little surprises showing up unannounced to brighten my day. When I do my morning walk through the garden I am taken by how expressive flowers are with the way they are shaped, or the way they bend in the wind, as if swaying to music or a bird’s song, or how they are reaching for the sun, opening up, and then closing up as a direct response to the sun or rain.  And on a grey day their colours are even more vibrant than on sunny days.  For me, translating that to a painterly language that uses colour as expression seemed inevitable.

I read that Vincent painted sunflowers primarily to brighten his friend’s bedroom.  I think that is as good a reason as any to paint a thing.  I painted sunflowers because they are my sister’s favourite flower and I am always happy to brighten her day.  They seem to represent sunshine and happiness with their vibrant shades of yellow.  But their stature is stoical to me and that represents my sister’s nature in every way.

“Say it with Flowers” is about expressing the sheer joy of appreciating mother nature’s gift to us all and sharing how the magical essence of flowers can draw on our emotions.”

‘Say It With Flowers’ will exhibit in the Tidemark Art Gallery until the end of July and can be viewed Tuesday through Friday from 12-4pm. Deveau, a local artist from the Comox Valley, will be the Tidemark’s featured artist for the River City Arts Festival on July 20th. Admission is free and all are welcome.


For more information on Mary Patricia Deveau and her work, please visit her website: https://mpdeveau.wixsite.com or find her on Facebook at, Mary Patricia Deveau Art.