Tidemark and CR Literacy Give Community a Free Concert for Family Literacy Day!


The Tidemark Theatre and Campbell River Literacy Association are excited to present their annual FREE children’s concert in celebration of Family Literacy Day on January 27th!  “Family Literacy Week is the Campbell River Literacy Association and its community partner’s gift to the families of Campbell River,” says Kat Eddy, CRLA’s Executive Director. “All events are free and celebrate the parents of our city as their children’s first and best teachers.”

The free concert for Campbell River families was made possible in part by donations from community members and organizations such as, the Campbell River Community Foundation to the Tidemark’s Theatre Angels Program.  “We have this incredible program called Theatre Angels,” Heidi Cuff, Tidemark’s Programming and Marketing Coordinator says, “and through it, we make tickets available to people and families in Campbell River with limited incomes to attend selected presentations throughout our season. This helps increase exposure to the arts and promotes inclusiveness of the theatre, as well as reaching youth and adults who wouldn’t necessarily have access to the arts otherwise.” In order to respect the anonymity of recipients, tickets are given to local non-profit, charitable organizations for distribution. The program, which has expanded every year since its inception, supports many different organizations and the communities they serve:  John Howard Society, Campbell River Literacy, KDC Health, Campbell River Family Services, Laichwiltach Family Life Society, Campbell River Women’s Center and the Immigrant Welcome Center – to name a few.

Last year, the Tidemark and CRLA partnered to present a free The Kerplunks concert and tickets sold out in just a few days. “This is our small way of giving back to the community and everyone who has always helped and supported us,” says Cuff. “We have so much fun organizing it and the community is so appreciative and receptive, we are thrilled that we have been able to turn it into an annual event.”

This year, literacy week will focus on fostering literacy and encouraging families to read and play together. “Play is such an integral part of a child’s learning journey.  They say that play is our brain’s favorite way of learning and the arts, particularly theatre, encourage and create that safe learning space for children to fill with their ideas  and imaginations,” Cuff says. “This year, our Family Literacy Concert will focus on the learning magic of physical play, improv and comedy with professional ‘zaniac’, Alex Zerbe.”

Alex Zerbe dreamed of being a cartoonist, a radio DJ, a stand-up comedian, an actor, and anything else that would give him the attention he craved as an only child. These dreams got put on hold when he became obsessed with the sport of freestlye footbag (Hacky Sack) in high school. After seeing a great freestyler in Portland, OR, Alex was told by his best friend, “You will never be that good.” Alex proved his friend wrong and went on to place 8th at the World Freestyle Footbag Championships, receive a Guinness World Record for a specific freestyle trick and use his passion for the sport to launch a career in the performing arts.

His show zigzags between a comedic onslaught of absurd ideas and odd skills. Beatboxing, juggling, dancing, singing, music and magic are just a few of the things that led Piers Morgan of America’s Got Talent to call Alex, “The total package.” During the show vegetables are sliced in half by flying playing cards, flaming torches and bowling balls are juggled with ease and every audience volunteer leaves the stage in triumph.

In his 15 year career Alex has been awarded two Guinness World Records, appeared on two national television shows (America’s Got Talent and Last Comic Standing), and been voted Seattle’s Funniest Prop Comedian. Visit TheZaniac.com to see Alex in action.

Sponsored by the Campbell River Mirror, What’s On Digest and Campbell River Community Foundation, the Tidemark Theatre and Campbell River Literacy Association proudly present, Alex Zerbe in celebration of Family Literacy Day at the Tidemark Theatre on January 27, 2018.  Tickets are FREE and can be reserved at the Box Office Tuesday through Friday between 12pm and 4pm starting January 5th, 2018.  First come, first served.  Limit four per family with festival seating.  For more information about the Tidemark’s Theatre Angels Program or to donate, please visit tidemarktheatre.com or call 287.PINK