Marianne Enhörning: The Dance of Nature and Nurture

Marianne Enhorning 1

Dance, nature and society are intertwined in the upcoming art opening being held at Tidemark Theatre. The work is by Swedish born Marianne Enhörning. Her muses stem from her training as an architect, her passion and joy of life and nature, and her need to express her voice where words are not sufficient.

Enhörning, a Comox based artist, whose latest offerings will be open for viewing to the public and Tidemark Theatre audiences, starts December 1st. Her show entitled, The Dance of Nature and Nurture, is a collection of recent paintings that explores human struggle between the structure imposed by built space and societal rules; and the flow and freedom of the natural world. Enhörning’s oil paintings evoke a visceral response. She begins each painting as a blank canvas and no preconceived idea of where it will go. Working with canvases that range in size, her journey is an unknown one until she arrives at the end.

Tidemark Theatre will be presenting the work of Marianne Enhörning for the months of December and January. For those interested in seeing these dynamic works and meeting the artist, there will an opening reception from 5 – 6:30pm Tuesday December 1st before the screening of the Campbell River Film Festival’s final film of the season. For more information please contact the Tidemark Theatre or the artist at